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Windblume FAQ

● How much are tickets?

-$119 VIP Memberships and $65 Weekend Memberships. Grab a Hotel room for the best experience.  Memberships are available at the door, but VIPs have always sold out.

● When is Windblume?

August 23-25, 2024, at the Mesquite Convention Center in Dallas, Texas

What is this convention based on?

Genshin Impact, HSR, anime, and general Weeb culture

● Does each person staying at the hotel need to buy a Hotel room?


● Do I have to stay at the Hotel?

-No, but we highly recommend it, even if you are local.  There is simply too much to do at Windblume compared to a comic-con style event.  We plan things to do for 16+ hours a day.
● Is this a family-friendly show?

-Yes, until 10pm. Age restricted events are clearly marked with ID checks.

● Is there a Military Discount?

- At the door with active ID. Thank you for your service! 
● Where can I sign up for ___?

-Click on the image of the event you're interested in
● Where is the schedule?

-Schedule page
● Where can I see the guest list?

-On the Guests Page
Are there day passes?

-Yes, day passes are available online or at the door
● Can I get a refund for my membership?

-No. All sales are final. Yes, this means you
● When does______ happen?

-Check our Schedule page
Does it cost to meet the celebrities?

-No, but photos and autographs do. Prices set by each guest

How much are autographs and photos?

-Depends on the celebrity, but around $20~$40
● Where do I sign up to volunteer?

-Click on the Volunteer button
● How much are artist and vendor booths?

-Click on the Artists' Alley & Exhibitor Booths icon. Artist Alley is juried - you must apply via our Google form. Exhibitors who carry a large amount of Genshin merchandise may purchase directly.
● Where can I book my hotel room?

-On our Hotel page
● Where is the Dress Code / Cosplay / Weapons / Health Policy?

-Under our Information tab.

● Will there be security?


● Are masks and/or vaccines mandatory?

-Absolutely not, unless mandated by the government. Read our full Health and Safety policy.

●Where do I park?

-The Hampton Inn & Mesquite Convention Center have plenty of free parking!

●Can I bring in Food & Drinks?

-The Mesquite Convention Center does not allow outside food & drinks, but you can always bring drinks and food up to your hotel room.

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